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>Au Contraire! and The Hysterical Festival

>We’re less than one week away until Christian‘s big DVD taping!   I’ll be bring my flip camera, video camera, digital camera and any other mechanical device I can lug along as back up and will be flitting about the Trocadero Theatre as the nervous and proud wife that I am.  He’s worked long and hard on developing an entire new hour of material worthy of broadcast and by Jove, I think he’s done it.  Get your free tickets to the taping of Au Contraire! by visiting

The inaugural Hysterical Festival was a smashing success, especially given the current economic and political climate.  I really hope it becomes an annual event worthy of the gobs of press and hilarity that we received the first time out of the gate.  Not only are women funny, they’re worth the price of admission.


Anything boys can do…