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>Back in the Saddle

>Christian’s debut CD is about to drop so we don’t have time to futz around reading and sunbathing before Labor Day arrives and officially ends summer break.

This means I’ve got to come up with some ideas for a CD launch party and/or stunt as well as put his new logo and branding all over everything. Today was his MySpace profile and scouring his new website for additional edits and broken links. Thursday I have a meeting with the producer and PR rep for Comedy Central to come up with a marketing and PR plan so I hope to have some good ideas generated between now and then. Any thoughts? Feel free to share!

Christian stayed busy choosing his final track listing by cutting out some bits and working with the graphic artist designing the art inside and out. Once that’s official and after I meet with the Comedy Central folks, I’ll know better when I can make the announcement of the title and start pre-plugging the release tenatively set for October 24th. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, congratulations to Chris Regan & Eric Drysdale for yet another Emmy nod for their writing. This will, however, be the last time they both win for The Daily Show since Chris quit last February and Eric is now a scribe for The Colbert Report (which I thought was a definite winner last night).

Way to go out on a high note together.