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>Back to School!

>I’m starting an eight week writing workshop today. I’ve taken a class here and there but usually just a one day thing. This will be a much longer investment in time and effort, so I hope work doesn’t get in the way of it. At the end of the workshop, we students will hopefully have a roughly 8 minute piece to read at a graduation show. I’m excited to have something new to perform since the five readings I’ve done over the last year and a half have been the same piece just tweaked a bit each time. The last time I read it was at the People’s Improv Theatre and was awesome. I felt like I had tweaked it perfectly and performed it in a way that was fitting of me and the subject matter. Now I can move on to another story and hopefully get it in top shape to get that same feeling. What a rush!

My long term “plan” is that I can merge the two pieces together along with another 8 or 10 minute story to creat a one person show of sorts. I put “plan” in quotes because it’s not really a hard and firm plan just an idea — I don’t even know if I actually want to do a one person show of any kind, but it’s good to have something to aim for I suppose. Either way, I am excited about class, meeting the other students and working on something new. I think I’m going to craft the story about smuggling in Juicy Fruit to Dad in jail, getting busted and him ratting me out. That’s a sure fire funny tale. It will either be that or the Marvin Zindler blog entry about Dad trying to kill my mom. I definitely need help in telling that part of the story. I want to find just the right places for laughter without ruining the real drama and also make sure it doesn’t come off as melodramatic.

Blah, blah, gotta get my school supplies together! Oh, and Christian’s shows at Gotham are going so great. He has three more shows tonight and one tomorrow so go check him out if you can. He’s so awesome!