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>Bad News, Good News, Better News

>Well, the bad news is Colin Quinn can’t perform at the benefit. He is terribly disappointed and promised to do two weeks’ penance and emphasized that he OWES me. So, look for another future show with Colin doing a solid hour!

It spelled a whole lot of work trying to find a replacement and stop the presses, but it’s all for a great cause so in the end it is worth it.

The good news is: the line up of comics is still very, very good. Christian will headline instead — click here for the revised release. I’m working on a surprise guest or two, one of whom can’t commit fully till tomorrow or Wednesday, so his appearance will be unadvertised IF he can make it at all.

The better news is: we’re going to have some booze deal. So $20 gets a great show and some hooch. Stay tuned.

On Other Volunteer Fronts
I’ve also been trying desperately to help the animals in need down in NOLA and trying to track down this little fella. All for naught. I had a group set up to travel down with — they rented an RV — but then roadblock after roadblock. It’s not meant to be. Instead, I’ll take Christian’s advice: Think globally, act locally. I’ll see this fundraiser through to the end and volunteer at my local shelter, which incidentally, has received some pets displaced by Katrina.