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>Best Week Ever’s 100th Episode Party at Marquee

> So this party was a bigger deal than we realized. There was a red carpet and a camera crew and a bunch of celebrities. Check out Wire Image, Getty Images and Film Magic’s sites for all the pics and who’s who list like Christina Applegate, Chloe Sevigny and a host of others.

Christian got in a bunch of good zingers in his speech but no one really heard it because 70% of the people there weren’t there for Best Week Ever. There were gobs of well dressed, beautiful party people who no one at VH1 knew. How do these people get on the guest lists for these things? One really pretty blonde woman was quite the Cee U Next Tuesday to a writer for the show which made my blood boil. How about a gentle “excuse me” and enthusiasm for the free booze fest? Gorgeous club kids make me want to cut things. Namely their throats. Dad‘s a bad influence, I think.

Anyway, tune in to The Today Show tomorrow morning to catch Christian talking pop culture with Matt Lauer and promoting the 100th episode of Best Week Ever which airs tomorrow night at 11:00 EST.