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>Big Days Ahead

>Besides the readings, AIDS Walk 2006 preparation, a trip to Miami, another visit to my jailed deaf dad in the clink and the Meow Mix House grand opening, I have other fun, busy days ahead of me — as if that stuff weren’t enough!

I’ve got some Brett Ratner photography party exhibit thing to attend tomorrow night. I’ll be taking Christian as my guest then will accompany him as his guest when he does a guest appearance at the 2006 Beard & Moustache Championship at the Knitting Factory.

We’ve also been invited to a book launch for Michele Wucker celebrating the publication of her latest book Lockout: Why America Keeps Getting Immigration Wrong When Our Prosperity Depends on Getting it Right. Besides Christian being happy for her success, he is also somewhat connected to her as he was working at the literary agency Writer’s House which got her first book published. I don’t think I’m wrong in saying that he was the one to actually “green-light” her first manuscript or whatever the literary word is for “green-lighting”, but I’ll ask him. Is green-lighting even hyphenated? I’ll ask him that, too.

Writer’s House also where he met his friend John Hodgman who is celebrating so many successes in the last few years it’s hard to keep track: the Get a Mac ad campaign for Apple (John’s the PC), The Daily Show gig, his best selling book The Areas of My Expertise…it goes on and on. In a weird little twist, John was once a special guest of the Cuervo Nation, the private island in the Caribbean where I entertained dozens and drank tequila for breakfast, lunch & dinner and where I found out my dad had tried to kill his girlfriend/wife Georgia (read about that). John read about his experience on the radio show This American Life. He also happens to be a super nice guy.

Anyway, the book party will be held at Serena, the place where Tex in the City took root and where our initial parties were held with the likes of namesake Serena Bass, Shelby Bryan, Rex Reed, Charlie Pollock and many other notables. Serena is the socialite / caterer who developed the “Rope Burn”, a spicy tequila shot, especially for us and wrote about it in her very first book Serena Food & Stories. I actually took Christian to that book launch party as my guest and garnered his first syndicated photos that night.

I know I am making something out of nothing, this world is a small one after all and the stuff above is really not what makes me think this, but I just love the serendipitous full circle our lives have taken us and continue to touch us. We were swirling around each other for so long, lightly brushing into each other’s spheres eventually our bubbles broke and made one bigger bubble that now swirls around as one touching others’ bubbles big and small.

It’s late, I’m tired and stupid. I just hope I can get a Dairy Queen hamburger smuggled through security when I go see Pop. It’s not winter, after all, where am I supposed to hide this thing?!