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>Big Week Ahead

>I’ve been emailing with Richard Lewis and his agent, publicist, etc. in anticipation of Richard’s show dates at Comix. Can I just say – publicist persona aside — I am giddy as hell?! He hasn’t headlined in NYC in a coon’s age and seems really excited to be gracing the Comix stage. We’re thrilled as hell to have him and hope that this weekend will knock everyone’s socks off. But no pressure, Richard!

We’ve got plenty of press lined up for him, including spots on The View and shows with Keith Olberman and Bob Costas. Check out this interview with Richard and my pal Larry Getlen from the NY Post. I’ll be at all four shows and will wrap up the weekend with my annual Oscar party.

I’m especially charged for a big gig with Richard because Alex Borstein had to cancel her weekend here due to the JetBlue fiasco and a bad case of strep throat. She’ll be back some other time and we’ll re-book all the press we had scheduled so it’s all good. It even meant some real R&R for me. Unlike what I considered my prior R&R of being sick with 103.4 fever, Tigger, this R&R consisted of doing my taxes (I enjoy organizing my finances, what can I say?) with our new assistant Jessica, playing Bully on Playstation, a leisurely brunch and watching “Music & Lyrics”. But lest you think I’m slacking, I still updated the Latest Ballyhoo so check it out!

Aside: We were supposed to go to the “Music & Lyrics” premiere but I didn’t have anything to wear and had a meltdown. Yeah. Over clothes. Time to relax, I’d say.