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>Blogger ate my real entry so here’s the low-down:

>Christian is at his bachelor party and it’s thunderstorming like mad outside. I’m drinking Corona after eating the most amazing quesadilla I made on our new Mario Batalli panini grill off our Crate & Barrel registry. Seriously, the best quesadilla and a cinch to make. Get you one of those fancy presses.

I’m covered in a prickly heat rash (ITCHY and UGLY!) which is none too sexy for a strapless cocktail wedding dress and, more importantly, wedding night. Luckily Christian knows the merchandise he’s buying so I’m not worried. Suckah! He bought me some cortisone cream and some other stuff but I have to wait for him to get home from his bachelor party before my relief can begin. What kind of twisted scheme is that?

All the Deafies arrived in town today. We’re brunching in the morning before they head off to tourist-y stuff. Then tomorrow night, my last night of singlehood, what am I gonna do? Spend it with my mother, fiance’ and his mother. Come help me not kill someone or hop in a cab to hightail it the F out of D by buying me tequila for some last minute body shots. Or maybe not.

The salt might aggravate the skin.