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>Boom! That’s the Sound of Gratuitous Name Dropping!

>Richard Belzer‘s weekend was great with Paul Shaffer making a surprise guest appearance at the early show. In the audience and hanging out backstage were Taylor Negron, Richard Klein, Gilbert Gottfried, Diane Neal and a few other Law & Order cast members. Richard and his friends were a treat, and I hope he comes back to Comix again soon.

I mentioned to Taylor that we both have written for (though he has contributed tons more than I ever have or will), and we had a chat about the complex nature of telling personal, painful stories. He is doing the opposite of me by staging his one man show first then possibly writing a book. I plan on publishing my book first then staging a theatrical production of it, selling movie rights and what not. I’ve already started envisioning where I would produce it, who would direct it, etc. Though that is FAR into the future, it’s fun to dream and aim high.

Oh, and did I tell you Janeane Garofalo gave me a quote? So did Cooper Lawrence & Bob Powers and some other fine folks. I’ve included them in my proposal and created an endorsements page. Apparently having these quotes can increase an advance substantially. Who knew? Not me, but now I’m glad I got them!

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