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>Braggy McBrag-a-Brag

>The crowds at Comix have been amazing! We’ve officially been open for 3.5 months and are consistently upping the ante on the quality of comedy, food, atmosphere and the general comedy club experience. Gothamist nailed it about our showcases, too.

Oh, sure, I’m biased but I also know my stuff having traveled all over this great Nation with one Mr. Christian Finnegan* as he hops from set to set or city to city doing anything from 8 minute spots to one hour headlining gigs like this weekend. Every comedian that has come through has complimented us on our class** and amazing design. Rumor has it that Louis CK and Bobby Collins will be doing guest spots on the Hot Comix sets this weekend. I wasn’t off the mark about Bob Costas, so you know I wouldn’t lead you astray. Sideways winky smiley face.

*I miss him! I’ve seen him more this month but have been too busy to appreciate just how awesome he is! Public shout out: My husband is better than yours.

**Ick. I hate that word. It sounds as though it should be permanently spelled with a “K”.