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Brass Tacks

Let’s get down to the brass tacks already:

John McCain’s wife’s eyes are creeping me out. Can’t we start talking about that and her tacky taste in skirts suits in varying flourescent colors instead of the issues? You know, just like we did back when folks bad mouthed Hillary’s headbands? Seriously, John needs to re-think having her over his right shoulder during every speech. I have NO idea what he said tonight* because I was too busy wondering if Cindy was in need of an exorcism.

And Christian is writing jokes for a certain awards show. And he sold out SIX shows in DC.

And Richard Lewis had a fantastic weekend at Comix. Richard Belzer introduced him to one show to the delight of the sold out crowd.

And, most importantly, the Australian dude on American Idol has me and Molly swooning.

*Sadly, it’s true. She was freaking me out. But I did catch his lame dig at Obama about his eloquent speeches. Weak. It’s like pulling the pigtail of a girl you like. If you’re gonna pick a fight, just do it or wait it out till you can do it right.