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>Busy Day Ahead

>My phone is a-ringing, non-stop! The Houston Chronicle, another Houston radio station (this time for a full one hour interview!), the Laff Stop and an Arizona radio station. This doesn’t even factor in all the errands I have to do in preparation for the trip: car scheduling, map printing, comp ticket requesting…whew, isn’t that enough already?

I have big, giant butterflies in my belly…I get to see my jailed deaf dad in just four days. This year marks 8 years since I last saw him. Christmas 1997 I hosted him in my Akron, Ohio apartment (Jeez, I was still in Akron?!) and bought him a VCR and a bunch of videotapes, a new cue stick, fancy darts and a whole bunch of other stuff. I spoiled him rotten that year. I’ve gotten a bunch of letters from him over the last few days and there are so many gems to share with you, but no time. I still want to start his own website or, at the very least, blog. Any ideas on what to call it?

Oh yeah, and this evening Christian is taping Friday Nights with Greg Giraldo so everything must be done by 5:30 when the car arrives. Gulp. Thank goodness for my new Treo 650. It’s not good for receiving my webmail, but at least I can send emails from my phone.