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>Busy Days Ahead

>Our task list is a mile long with finishing Christian’s new website, wrapping up last minute “wedding” stuff like vow writing, planning the artwork and liner notes for his upcoming CD set for an October 2006 release so forgive me in advance for the continuous ad nauseum reporting on said topics.

I just took a quick jaunt to Philly to hang out with Christian for his last night at Helium Comedy Club where the shows were packed and the audiences receptive despite the warm temperatures and poor sound quality. I had hoped to meet Meredith, the club’s publicist, in person as we had worked together getting Christian some plum PR spots incluing a morning television show. My Tex in the City pal Robert caught the spot — or maybe it was his boyfriend’s brother? — and got in touch for some free passes. I love being able to treat friends and strangers to a free night of comedy or theater. It’s truly one of my favorite things, especially when they can score points with their friends by getting free passes. Who doesn’t like free stuff?

Speaking of free (and awesome) stuff, Rachel gave Christian and me a free galley copy of Pick Me Up so he / we could provide blurbs (as though ours would matter since Courtney & David Arquette have already enthusiastically endorsed it) and I’m hooked. This is the best book ever. I know it’s supposedly for the tween set, but adults will dig it. You will dig it. Your kids and nieces and nephews and cousins and children will dig it. Dig? Rachel also gave me an awesome card set — she has the best taste in stationary — and fuzzy, cushiony socks that I can’t wait to sink into once the oppressive heat lets up. I’m all set for Fall with these socks and after buying the most gloriusly sleek and chic trench coat today in a fit of desperation for a reprieve.

OH, and the 100th episode of Best Week Ever airs this Friday, so there’s a big party sponsored by Old Navy. The invite says something about “a night of fashion and comedy…” so I thought I should dress nice, cool, trendy, hot or something especially since it’s being held at Marquee where every Page Six item is born. But then it’s Old Navy. A night of fashion? Really? Now I have no clue what to wear. Help! Strapless, leopard print, skin tight, knee length hot little number or skinny jeans, heels and a summer top?

Was living in a tin shed in Texas ever this hot and miserable?