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>CBC Expose’

>Here’s a nugget I left out of the stuff I sent to Comedy Central for publishing:

The CBC wanted to get behind the scenes stuff for their profile of him. Christian & I came up with a little sketch that entailed them following us to a cheesy bridal shop where I was ostensibly shopping for dresses.

I browse through gowns and ask Christian, “Did you call the caterer?”

“Uh, caterer? Do we have a caterer?” His phone rings. “Hang on, let me take this.”

He proceeds to have a conversation about how awesome Montreal is then hangs up.

“Yes, we have a caterer! And where’s your final guest list?”

“Oh, uh, I…” His phone rings again, “Hey! [pause] Okay, sure! You mean a massage, massage or like a massage, massage?”

“Is that Rick,” I scream. “He better not take you to a strip club!” They hang up, before two seconds later the phone rings again.

I threaten “Don’t you dare answer that,” before resuming looking at dresses as Christian busily text messages behind my back.

And scene.