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>This weekend is going to be ridiculous! Four sold out shows, a baby grand piano, original music & comedy NEVER BEFORE SEEN and only at Comix. We’re stoked.

Alex Borstein will be on Good Day NY tomorrow which means she and I will be waking up around 6:00 tomorrow morning. Long day but the adrenaline will see us through. All the other press was canceled so I’ll be back at my home office in no time. Nice. That’s actually one of this year’s resolutions: to work from home more so I can be with my animals, get more sleep and eat better. We’ll see how long that lasts. Ack – scratch that last line! How negative! I fully intend to better monitor how much time I spend at Ochi’s Lounge and Comix. It’s hard, though, when you love the shows / comedians / your career so much. (Sorry, I can’t help it…I really, really do!)

Christian is headlining in Virginia Beach this weekend (read the feature interview with him in the Daily Press) so I’ll be celebrating Rev. (Scott) Ramsey’s partner’s birthday without him before going to Comix to watch the aforementioned awesome show. So coming home tomorrow after doing press isn’t THAT much of a stretch or change.

But I also intend to change the way I spend Sundays. I want to spend it with Christian on the road or, even better, by reading, writing my book, playing video games and watching movies (we watched I Am Legend and this morning I watched Sherrybaby – both, again, were just okay). You know, the stuff most every normal person does. I had started a couple of weeks ago and will further that trend as much as possible. I only wish my part of Astoria were more like Brooklyn or Paris where my awesome pooch Paquita could join me and my laptop for treks to a cafe or bistro. Alas, no place nearby allows dogs inside.* Spring can’t get here soon enough.

*Except for Veronica’s Bar where even the dustballs fight. Sketchy place. If you know of some place I’m missing, please do let me know. Otherwise, my writing and reading will be inhibited by my obsession with Guitar Hero and the internet.