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>Christian just left for Georgia, Berkeley, Wyoming then LA for a whirlwind winding down of his Comedy Central “Two for Flinching” tour. Almost time to say goodbye to the Kia which is raffled off to one lucky winner. Sideways frownie face. Unless you’re the winner who will have a sideways smiley face with multiple exclamation points.

While in LA he’ll have lots of guest spots so I’ll keep you West Coasters posted as details trickle in. Meanwhile, I’ll be enjoying my nine days without the ole ball n’ chain by working hard, drinking harder and playing Godfather on Playstation in my underwear…am I right, ladies? Can I get a “Yeaaaah!”? (Sorry.)


The Latest Ballyhoo is posted…Craig Ferguson, Michael Showalter, Bill Burr…you know…the usual. Heh.