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>Christian is with K-Fed right now.

>I am home illing hoping to feel better in time for tonight’s special “Donor Recognition Screening” of Fast Food Nation at the AMMI with the filmmakers and followed by a reception. I haven’t renewed my membership there, so I’m guessing they’re trying to entice me back. I will definitely re-up my donation — I’m a huge fan of the museum — but am waiting for my life to settle down a bit so the year’s membership starts around a time when I can actually enjoy the perks of free screenings, receptions, Q&As, etc.

Further gifts from the Universe or hints telling me to plug ahead with Love, Daddy came again last night and today. I received, quite possibly, the nicest email from a stranger who stumbled across my site and was moved to tears and to write me. Then a call from my high school pal Deborah in Myrtle Beach came today and she filled me with such positive words of encouragement and support. So I must find an hour to give back to the Universe — and to myself — a new entry or time toward scanning letters and writing Dad.

Time to get cracking!