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>Cold Case File?

>I just had the longest phone call with my mom which included some re-hashing of stories past and a few new revelations. I was so excited about these new gems when Christian came through the door that I launched into a diarrhea-of-the-mouth episode before I even thought to ask how his night was.

“How was your set?” I asked since I knew he was trying out some jokes he had written just this afternoon.

“Awful! Not because of the jokes themselves but more because I hadn’t committed them to memory. I talked about Paquita.”

“You did?! What? About how she’s God’s mistake?” I asked, using one of Christian’s favorite derogatory descriptions of our Chihuahua.

“Yes, about how I wish Darwin were alive so I could hold her up and ask how she eeked through. How God must have been drunk when he created her since she’s essentially a four pound eyeball and ear caddy. The dodo bird must be pissed up in Heaven. ‘I was wiped out as a species for this?'”

“But she’s smarter than a dodo bird! See? Be cute, Paquita, be cute!” I argue to which Paquita flopped on her back and rubbed her eyes in the cutest possible way. I showered her in kisses and said, “Yes, you’re sooooo cute! You’re soooo cute!”

“Oh, so I guess since the topic isn’t on you we’re done talking now?” Christian said as he walks out of the room.

“I’m sorry!” I pleaded after I realized my high adrenline has given me a late night bout with A.D.D. “But did your dad possibly murder a woman with a nylon then dump her off a bridge?”

Yes, tonight I just learned that Mom suspected Dad of maybe killing another young woman. A woman who worked as a bartender at one of Donna‘s other bars. A woman Dad obsessively teased and hovered over. She was found strangled with her own nylon stocking and dumped over a bridge on Hwy 2854 down into the San Jacinto River. When her body was found, Mom wondered if Dad had anything to do with it but she didn’t ask. She didn’t want to know. The dead bartender’s ex-husband from California was blamed.

I’m gonna ask Dad about this when I see him in the clink on Sunday. Stay tuned for some interesting “spin” since I don’t know if he knows that I know about Donna let alone some young, dead bartender. Oh yeah, and he may have and struck and killed a pedestrian in a hit & run in Ft. Worth with our Thunderbird.

Anyone know how I might research such a thing? I Googled 2854 San Jacinto River Murdered but it yielded other results. The possible hit & run is too broad to even begin a search.

Long time readers will know that I’m obsessed with (a) forensic science, (b) mysteries, (c) Court TV, (d) solving puzzles in general, and (e) I was such a fanatic that I was the first fan interview for Court TV’s newsletter. Read my original blog posted interview here. And while I’m at it, how does one go about getting transcripts of 911 calls and/or recordings?

Going to write my Court TV pals for some assitance.