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>Come on Down or Up Depending on Your Location

>I woke up early and headed into the blustery cold for a free facial at “Just Calm Down”. Pleasant and relaxing but I had to get nekkid. For a facial? Umm, okay. It was niiiiice and thank God it was free becausse it was damned expensive.

[Update: I just tallied all the prizes and they’re pretty darn good. Eight prizes will be given out over the course of the evening, so even if you show up too late to fill out the ballot you’ll have a chance to go home with something.]

We’re expecting a pretty healthy crowd at The Gin Mill for tomorrow’s Oscar party (see calendar at left for details), so fun is in store even if it ends up being the most boring Oscars yet. The ballots are printed up and I’ve got some fun decorations including a faux red carpet. My pal comedian Jess Wood RSVPd with the note, “I can’t wait to see what you’re wearing.” I didn’t even think about it until then. I suppose I’ll wear something more festive and dressy than just any old party but, dang, it’s cold outside.

Okay, back to watching this fascinating documentary on the History Channel entitled “Titanic’s Final Moments: Missing Pieces”.

Betting on Hoffman for a clear win for Capote and Felicity Huffman in a shocking upset.