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>Comedy Central’s Screening of "Legends: Rodney Dangerfield"

>I skipped the red carpet altogether and am so glad I did as only one other person had their guest in any photos. Since Christian made a ridiculous face last time at Best Week Ever’s 100th episode party (see ridiculous photo at right), I gave him strict instructions on how to pose and smile and what not to do in these photos. “You’re not Bobcat Goldthwait. You don’t have to be schticky. Just smile and look good.”

I hung back to chat with the Comedy Central PR folks with whom I had just met last week for Christian’s debut CD and didn’t really pay attention to him on the carpet. Clearly he did not heed my advice.

“Christian! What is this?”

He came into my office and saw his mug staring back from my laptop.

“They were telling me to do it,” he cried.

“Well, of course they are! I told you not listen to them when they do that!

The show itself, Legends: Rodney Dangerfield, was well done and actually choked me up at the end especially seeing all his old friends watching intently and enthusiastically. Really endearing. Let’s see, who was there? Jerry Seinfeld, Jerry Stiller, Joy Behar, Susie Essman, George Shapiro, Judy Gold and so many others. It was a great night.

We had a nice steak dinner with Christian’s booking agents and Chris Porter before heading home to make out with Paquita while watching Toney v. Peter on Showtime. I was rooting for the non-favorite Peter who had his website on his butt. He ended up winning in a split decision and I promptly hopped online to join his fan club. I can’t wait to see what kind of emails I get. I love boxing; I don’t know why I don’t watch it more often. In fact, one night of our honeymoon we watched the entire career rundown of Mike Tyson where they replayed infamous bouts on ESPN Classic. Sexy, no?

Incidentally, I split the difference of the sexy, wild zebra print and proper teal skirt by going with outfit #4. Christian nixed the zebra print and I have an event coming up that the teal skirt will be perfect for. Plus, when I tried on the leopard skirt, Christian practically tore it off me he liked it so much. Rahhrrrr!