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>Comedy & Politics Don’t Mix

>Gotham Comedy Club held a reception for celebrity comic photogrpaher Dan Dion at their new location next to the Chelsea Hotel. It was a lovely affair with lots of amazing photographs by Mr. Dion, free booze and food and more than a few notable producers, comedy club owners and accomplished comics seen all over the stage and screen. Too many to mention without mistakenly leaving out a name or two, so I’ll pass on the name dropping and say there was only one bonafide douchebag there who shall remain anonymous…unless you really want to know in which case you can email me. Or maybe I’ll have a contest. Moving on.

Remember when I wrote my Councilman, Eric Gioia, about his accomplishment at helping clean up the Astoria waterfront? No? What? You don’t memorize my BLOG? Okay, fine. Read about it here.

Well anyway, Mr. Gioia, invited me to his birthday party tonight. It was very well attended with lots of extremely young people. So young in fact that I felt old and somehow obligated to donate more than my pocketbook could withstand as though my age should reflect my current income accordingly. But he, Mr. Gioia, was very nice and gracious but perhaps a bit too obviously skeptical at meeting us, admitted virtual strangers, with a “You’re not a psycho, right?” kind of body language oozing out of him. He also seemed a bit weirded out when I mentioned meeting the mover and shaker of Astoria. Uh oh. What kind of history do those two have? Inquiring minds.

Who can blame Mr. Gioia really, think of the major jackhole nimrods you have to deal with regularly as a councilman, but he might want to get that tensed up, is my bodyguard nearby shit in check before he moves on to the next level of public service. After all, we were all wearing our finest biz casual, using our personal checkbooks to donate to his fund and almost everyone there was NOT a bonafide constituent like myself (Donald Trump, Jr. & Karenna Gore Schiff do NOT live in Astoria). In fact, a great deal of his “supporters” recognized my plus one, Christian, just as readily if not faster than Mr. Gioia, o’ distinguished man o’ honor. Who’s having the Best Week Ever?

Mr. Gioia gave me his card and said not to hesitate to contact him with any concerns. He can be certain I won’t. Er, will? What?

“Yes, Mr. Gioia? Why does that skeevey mother fu*ker lurking outside the deli always say good morning to me but no one else? And what does ‘mami’ mean?”