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Coupla Things:

Pet Peeve
Ladies, if you’re gonna walk around with erect nipples in a bra thin enough to display your wares (articles of commerce), please make sure your nipples are facing forward. I, like most people, prefer things in proper alignment. Thanks.

Strange Bodily Thingy
I have a zit inside my nostril. Is this even possible or do I have cancer?

“I Hate Men. I Cannont Stand Them Even Now and Then. Of all the Men I’ve Ever Met Within This Democracy, I Hate the Athlete Most With His Manner Bold and Brassy. He May Have Hair Upon His Chest, but Sister, So Has Lassie! I HATE MEN!” — Kiss Me Kate (Or, the Longest Title of a Blog Entry Since the Invention of Blog Entries Around the World.)

Misandrist is a woman who hates men. The antonym for misogynist, right? Well, then why isn’t that word in most dictionaries and not listed as an antonym for misogynist on It’s the antonym. The only true antonym. You know what I think? It’s misogyny. Male fucks sticking it to us again, even in thesauruses.