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>Crash Course

>After taping Friday Nights with Greg Giraldo, suddenly it struck us: Woah, Christian doesn’t know sign language! So we just did a crash course — I’m very rusty — and pretended to have prison conversations with my deaf father. Christian talked and I interpreted. The word “butthole” was used many times during rehearsal. I’ll let you know how the real thing goes. One thing I know for certain, I won’t be dressing sexy. My dad has made sure to warn me against doing so at least once per letter in every single letter. Wha? Okay, Dad.

Meanwhile, if you’re in Houston, drop by the Laff Stop. My mom will be there one night with her husband and friends. The last time she saw Christian perform live was here in New York City. Christian called her up on stage and pulled a horribly hilarious prank on her which she and the audience loved. Since this is a real gig (aka he’s getting paid to headline), there won’t be any hijinx like that, but he probably will call her out at the end of his set. She’ll love it.