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>Crazy Busy Stuff Day Holy Moly!

>The Choose Your Own Adventure books are being turned into a movie!

Tonight marks the return of Eating It at Pier 63 with a killer line up. I and a bunch of folks I know will be there. It’s a beautiful night and, if it does rain, we’ll be under cover. Only $8, too!

We settled on No Idea Bar for the Happy Hour Hilarilogues night with Andres du Bouchet. Read more here. It will be a lot of fun, so come out on the 14th! The show is going to be hilarious as the name implies, plus you’ll get to have a Q&A with Andres & his director.

I was one of ten students chosen for a writing workshop taught by Paula Derrow, the articles director of Self magazine. I’m psyched!

I’m taking 11 more folks for a free showing of Burleigh Grime$ tomorrow night. I’ve heard mixed reviews. Will keep you posted if you’re thinking of going.

My high school pal Deborah joined the throngs on MySpace and is blogging! I was shocked to have a friend request from her since she’s avoided the blogger, friendster, livejournal stuff for so many years. That, in turn, put me in touch with another high school friend, a guy I used to “date”. “Date” meaning pass lots of notes and kiss once or twice before parting ways in the course of about three weeks. Ah, high school romance. Hilariously fleeting and meaningless. He and I made each other laugh so much and, I dare say, he’s still got it.

The Meow Mix House countdown begins! Two weeks from tonight prepare to be amazed! My friend, talented and hilarious comedian Tom Shillue, agreed to host this new reality show which will add so much, I think. After June 13th, stop by the house on Madison Avenue at 48th Street and vote for your favorite cat.

Off to see some comedy, people! Later!