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>Cupcakes and Boggle

>Our first year anniversary was so lovely and perfect, just like our actual wedding day. We brunched at Cup like we did one year ago then headed to Astoria Park and played Boggle, read the Sunday paper and generally relaxed. We then walked over to Lil Bistro 33 in its new, far-from-our-home location and dined on our favorite menu items and topped it off with their scrumptious bread pudding. When we finally got home we were pretty beat but mananged more Boggle and ate our frozen since 8/12/06 wedding cupcakes. Not so good but certainly better than we expected.

Christian got me a new bottle of my favorite yummy smelling perfume “Serendipitous” from the famous restaurant Serendipity 3 and beautiful navy blue silk BCBG dress. He’s the best. Even better? He picked up my laundry today.

All 31 pounds of it!