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>Cupcakes Take the Cake

>My pal Rachel Kramer Bussel plugged our wedding party cupcakes on her cupcake blog here. There are a few other posts on the blog you can find, too. But my reason for pointing her post out is so you, dear reader, can learn more about the and scrumptious bakery I chose completely at random and about 2.5 weeks before the wedding date which was plenty of time. (I still don’t get what the fuss is all about with planning weddings.) Bijoux Doux is the name and baking wedding cakes is their game. (Sorry.)

They did a fine job and folks loved the dessert. I only wish I had taken a bit more time to decorate the table and stand — my job, not theirs. Unfortunately, they arrived after I had gone upstairs to hide / get ready in the loft and so whatcha see is what I got and it was totally acceptable.

Cupcake obsession is beyond my comprehension but, yes, I will be doing an interview for her site which has gotten loads of big time press. Just don’t get it.