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>Danny Bonaduce Re-Cap & Discount for Tonight

>I took this picture of Danny Bonaduce posed with fans after we left the Opie & Anthony morning show yesterday. You can catch more of Danny and his escapades along with Christian Finnegan, Michelle Balan, and Ardie Fuqua tonight at Comix!

Danny and my friend Chuck Nice nearly got into a fight — literally — on Radiochick this afternoon. Chuck is the co-host of this awesome radio show on 92.3 and is also a panelist on Best Week Ever. I have never seen or even heard of Chuck ever getting upset. Danny was so psyched about it though…especially since they had a smoke break and made nice (no pun intended).

Anyway….tickets are $22 and can be purchased by calling (212) 524-2500 or by visiting To save 25% on tickets use the code “Partridge”. No food or drink minimum and dinner seating is available.

Danny even talked about it on stage tonight! Saying, “I was on Stern and Opie & Anthony with no problems. I go on *Radiochick* and almost get into a fist fight. Go figure.”