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>Day Two of Self Employment

>Went to Chase — zero wait — opened a new checking and savings account with free upgrades thanks to my sweet arse part time gig. (Did I tell you I’ll be working with an ex-VP of the USofA? Weird.) Ernesto threw in business and personal credit cards. He waived the annual fee & gave me 0% financing and signed me up for the air mileage bonus and waived those fees, too. I’m not sure why. Paquita sat quietly in my lap the whole time not realizing that this is a work day — a day she would normally be left alone — and that Ernesto kept calling her Chaquita.

Went to my other bank and closed out my old savings account, went to the gym for two hours (4th time…how many times makes a habit? And, more importantly, how long before I actually see any results?), emailed off and on all day long, grocery shopped and am now sitting down to write a press release or two or three and assemble some packages to mail out.

I feel on one hand utterly productive and on the other that maybe I should have been behind my desk all day. Nice dilemma.

I’ve now officially been hit on twice at the gym. Once while Christian was there. On one hand, I’m annoyed — I’m at the gym to work out, I look my absolute worst and, well, I’m not into those muscle-y gymnoholics. On the other hand, hey, those muscle-y gymnoholics think I’m kinda cute and in shape enough while in my workout gear. Cool.

Stinky and sore.