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>Dear Friends and Family,

>Keith Fernbach and Kambri Crews are traveling to Louisiana on October 6th through 12th to volunteer at the shelters where animals rescued after Hurricane Katrina are being cared for and housed. The shelters are desperate for volunteers who can devote at least five days of hard labor. From all accounts directly from the front lines of animal rescue and recovery, it is pretty horrific. We have been warned of the toll it has taken on volunteers both physically and emotionally, but all volunteers have said that the work is rewarding and worth it each time they save an animal or reunite a pet with its family.

We have arranged for tetanus and Hepatitis A vaccinations, have booked our flights, room and rental van and have joined forces with more than one rescue organization. We will be sure to take lots of photos and video while we are there and report about our trip.

Magnetic signs to place on our rental van to allow us access to restricted areas were donated by Morris Brothers Graphics and Keith’s company, Grand Central Marketing, bought his airfare. Kambri’s doctor is going to give a few free supplies — rubber gloves, medicine, etc. Meow Mix has generously donated $1,000 towards our hotel and rental van but the rest is up to us. You can see our budget below. The van is expensive but necessary to transport animals and allow an extra sleeping space for volunteers — space to sleep is at a premium! Gas is sparse and priced high and we’ll need more Gatorade and water than normal…a vet was hospitalized yesterday for dehydration, in fact, so we are asked to bring more than we think necessary. We aren’t including the cost of our rubber boots, rubber gloves, leather gloves, masks, bug spray, sun screen, special clothing and the numerous other items we need to bring.

If you want to support us on our trip, anything you give in the way of cash or supplies would be most appreciated. We only need about $950 more plus a whole lot of luck and goodwill.

Click here to donate via PayPal or send checks or money orders made payable to Kambri Crews or Keith Fernbach to: 34-23 Steinway Street, #513, Long Island City, NY 11101

Money received in excess of our budget will be donated to If our trip is canceled, we will return any supplies and money to everyone.

Many thanks to each and every one of you,
Kambri Crews and Keith Fernbach

Hurricane Katrina Animal Shelter Volunteer Budget
Vaccinations at $100 per person = $200.00
Cab to/from LGA approx. $30 each way = $60.00
Flight $251 per person = $502.00
Extra Luggage Fee Boxed supplies $50.00
Hotel $79 per night x 6 nights = $513.11
Rental car = $400.43
Food Per Diem $30 a day per person = $360.00
Gas $25 per day = $150.00

Grand total: $2,235.54