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>Deep in the Heart of Texas

>Bad weather in Houston made our flight a little late. Just enough to make us wonder if we’d make our 3:00 car for our first radio spot on KFNC, Houston’s only FM news talk radio station. We had a solid hour spot booked of non-stop talk, so I sat in on the interview for a few minutes when the topic of Christian meeting my jailed deaf dad for the first time was broached. It went well and we plugged the show a few dozen times before the hour ended.

Our hotel room is amazing — at $600 a night &$^#% (club’s cost), it should be. I want to take pictures so you can just see how cool the sunken, giant tub is with a sliding window thingy that opens so you can watch tv in the living room while soaking in a bubble bath. But pictures of hotel rooms never capture the feeling, I don’t think.

We had a short time to shower and unpack before we had to head over to the club. There was a great crowd (about 30% over usual Wednesday night ticket sales) and they were great. Even the new prison material, which has the potential to be very awkward, went well. We are recording all the sets in hopes of creating a CD to sell online and at live shows. After the show was the usual celebration at the bar with the audience and staff. Pete, the affable club owner, was giving us shot after shot after shot. Too much. Especially since we had a radio spot this morning on KRBE at 8:00 this morning. Guess what time we have to get up tomorrow? 6:00 AM. OOF.

After this morning’s spot, we napped then worked on the Houston Chronicle Q&A that should hopefully be in tomorrow’s paper but, most likely in Saturday’s. As usual, I’ll post it here when it runs.