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DIY: Bombs Away! Bath Fizzy Recipe

Lush makes the best bombs in my opinion (Phoenix Rising is heaven on earth to me), but there is no Lush store near me. Bombs are a little extravagance I treat myself to on a rare occasion because at the average cost $7 a plop that adds up!  They’re super easy and cheap to make. How have I not been doing this for years?  

Granted, I’ve not mastered the art to the level of imitating the aforementioned Phoenix Rising in both appearance and function, but my first batch (lavender and coconut oil) was soothing and made for a lovely bath. Also, because it’s been so humid at the cabin (92% humidity? And it’s not raining? The air is THICK!), the moisture was drawn into my bombs as they dried and “activated” the fizz. Not ideal. Made them a little messy, too.

The fizz is really for fun, though. It’s the Epsom salt, coconut and lavender oils that made for the soothing night time dip in the tub. And mine still did fizz a bit. Next batch I’ll make when the humidity breaks or will let them set in a sealed tub with some rice to help draw moisture away. (I’ve read that I can bake them with the oven door open at 170° for a few hours to prevent this. I have not tested this out.)

Here’s how I made my homemade bath bombs at a fraction of the cost. There are a million recipes online and I spent way too much time perusing them all before attempting to MAKE one. I was the band that wastes rehearsal time coming up with their name and logo and never actually makes music.

“Just make one then tinker later,” I finally told myself. So I did!


This is a very, very simple recipe and for a small yield and a great place to start for a beginner. I’ll update this post as I perfect it or get feedback so BOOKMARK IT, FOOL!

Meanwhile, this worked for me and I enjoyed a lovely bath:

1/2 cup baking soda
1/4 cup citric acid
1/4 cup epsom salt
10 drops essential oil(s) (I only used lavender my first time. Simple and wonderful.)
2 tbsp organic coconut oil, warmed to a liquid.
Optional: scents and/or a couple of drops of food coloring.* I did not use these my 1st time.

Combine all ingredients. Add a bit more coconut oil if needed. It will be the consistency of moist sand. If it’s fizzing, there’s too much moisture so add a little more dry ingredients.

Muffin Tin Mold

Press into muffin tin or silicone mold oiled generously with coconut oil. As you can see, my small batch (heh) yielded 7 mini bombs. I used two plus some crumbles when I bathed, but I like the option of only using one if needed and adding more. You can always add, but you can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube, ya know?

Let them harden for 24 hours in a dry place. If it’s really humid, try letting them set in a sealed plastic container with some rice or silica gel to draw moisture away from the bombs. (I gotta try this myself along with the aforementioned oven trick.)

Remove them from the mold and they’re ready to package or use. I used cellophane bags and labels from for gifts. For myself, I keep them in a mason jar (of course!) with a little rice at the bottom to help wick away moisture.

Bath Bombs

If you don’t use them right away, again they need to be stored in a dry place.

Now that I’ve got this one under my belt, I’ll try adding blended scents, oils, colors, and even real bits of lavender buds, flower petals, cinnamon sticks and such.

*Make sure scents are cosmetic grade. I don’t use them, so not sure what to tell ya. Also, some essential oils like peppermint and rosemary are bad for people with high blood pressure. Huh. Who knew? I’m no doctor, I just read that while researching all this stuff. So, know your body, check with your doctor, etc.