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DIY Crate Coffee Table

Mom & I made a coffee table out of crates and boredom. We crafted a cheap, easy, functional and practical table in about an hour and a half total. Here’s what you need if you want to make one, too:

All done! Now to fill it with records and books!

* 4 x Crates ($40 w/o a coupon, plus tax, but Michaels *always* has coupons.)
* 1 x Base (Plywood about 3/4″ thick, cut to 27.5″ square. $27 for a 4’x4’x3/4″ panel. I used the extra for making shelves on another project. You might be able to get smaller panels for cheaper but you need to cover the entire base.)
* 4 x Casters (2″ or 3″ swivel – I got these for $14 total after tax.)
* Stain (About $4 or $5 for 8oz or $8 for a quart. It only needed one coat, but we got a quart as we had other projects.)
* 16 screws for casters (Cost = pennies! I used ones I had around the house)
* 16 nails or screws to attach crates to the base (Same as above)
* Optional – 4 corner braces

* Drill or screw driver to screw in casters to the base.
* Hammer, drill or screw driver to attach crates to the base.
* Paint brush & paper towels for stain (Same as above, but $4 tops)
* Jigsaw or saw if you don’t have the plywood pre-cut at the lumber store. I have a jigsaw and love any chance to use it, so…

* Screw in the 4 casters 2″ in on all sides.
* Stain all 4 crates inside and out and the top and sides of the base.
* Position crates on top of the base and affix them with a couple of screws or nails and THAT IS IT!
ETA: We added 4 corner braces inside the empty center to hold a square “shelf” (I just cut a little square from the leftover plywood) to hold a vase, pinecones, Christmas ornaments or any other decorations we want. Fun!