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>Dog Day Afternoon

>I’ve just spent the last hour sobbing uncontrollably at Jane’s New York: A Dog’s Life. [View clip] (Oh good Lord, I just re-watched the clip and burst into tears again!) Please visit and consider adopting a dog of your own or making a donation. I realize this request makes me a hypocrite since Paquita was not adopted, nay she was purchased throught the American Kennel Club for a hefty fee. I will try to make it up to those doe-eyed innocents in need of love by donating my time and money. Maybe I could put together a charity/comedy event. Hmmm…

AM New York & Two Shows

The AM New York party was fun despit the bar being woefully understaffed. I ran into The Greg Wilson and Sam Shaffer (pictured right DJing a party ages ago) so I wasn’t on my own for long. Plus it was a major pick up scene. This whole newspaper publishing business must be chock full of sordid tales of staff hookups. I just may have to apply as an intern to get my own fly-on-the-wall perspective.

I left the open bar early, yet still tipsy, to make curtain time at the Kraine Theater. Wow! What dark humor that had me throwing my head back, screaming with laughter. I really do love murder. A bit too much for Christian’s liking…I was Aileen Wournos for Halloween and I’ve often wondered aloud what my preferred victim will be when I turn serial killer. (Hetero male, married or cohabitating, 30s, white, mysoginistic tendencies, you get the picture.)

I digress. If you weren’t there, you missed out on seeing Allison Castillo in Bellybutton by Bob Powers. Lucky for you, CTRL+ALT+DEL by Andres DuBouchet and featuring Anthony DeVito will have an extended run in December produced along with another Bob Powers’ one act Snowman which will have you cringing in horror while you laugh at the brutally honest look at people’s selfish motivations in love.


These playwrights are going places. Catch them now before you can’t afford it…unless it’s in a movie, then you could afford it, but seriously…support them now, while they need it.