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>Doing Yourself a Favor

>If there is only one thing I can teach you, pass on to you, or otherwise influence you, let it be this:

TiVO The Price is Right.

Grasshopper, do yourself a favor: surrender yourself and you will find inner strength.

Now on to less important things like Star Jones & The View. Jones was voted off the island and instead of choosing to go out with grace and maintain a shred of dignity, she proved to the public why the majority wanted her gone in the first place. She could have done herself a favor by implementing some positive spin control (Where Are They Now section) and licked her wounds privately. The route she chose will only highlight the most negative parts of her personality and business sense. No one likes her and her sour grapes except for maybe her mom.

Which brings more Kung Fu wisdon: “I have seen the silkworm. It spins a thread, thinking itself to be safe. It has spun a tomb. Hate is the tomb you weave. It will not save you from your suffering.” Ah, young Grasshopper: “To hate is like drinking salt water. Your thirst grows worse.”

Sad Best Week Ever is on hiatus this week. Oh, the Schadenfreude bonanza that would have ensued!