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>Eating It on the Water

>It was a lovely night for comedy at Pier 63 produced by Eating It. Steve Schirripa and Vincent Curatola were there checking out the talent (Schirripa books the comedy at the Riviera in Vegas) which causes a little buzz amongst the usually unfazed hipster crowd that tends to populate these shows.

Being the first event of the new Eating It season, there were some kinks that will need to be worked out but it was still a great show with a stellar lineup and the venue is worth the trip alone. Also nice about these shows is that you get to see the comedians work through new material. For instance, my own Christian Finnegan set out to try his material about meeting my jailed deaf dad. It went over pretty well considering he’s only tried it out on an audience a handful of times.

There were a ton of friendly faces in the crowd wishing me and Finny well on our upcoming nuptials. Although it’s nice, it’s also a little dicey since a lot of them aren’t invited to the party. How does one usually maneuver that rocky path? I don’t know one does it, so I chose to slam a fat burger and a few Red Stripes so my mouth was conveniently occupied throughout the night. Okay, this is actually only true about one person, “What? Weddin….Gulp, gulp, chew, chew, swallow…Anyway, what were you saying? You’re in a show now, right? Tell me all about it…” The rest, well, I wish we had room for them all but since my trust fund* is tied up in the Texas State Department of Corrections, we’ll have to keep a lid on attendance.

*By trust fund, I mean the lawsuit I will file against the prison after Dad lives up to his threat to tie sheets around his neck and hang himself. That’s gotta net me a couple grand, right?