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>I just got offered cash from a tabloid to share some secrets about a famous pair’s budding relationship. Um, no. Ick.

Atlanta is so lovely thus far. Trees, grass that looks like carpet, perfect temperature and a gentle breeze. Granted I haven’t ventured further out than the hotel and the Punchline but who cares. It’s so relaxing and great to be out of the city! Christian’s mom is coming to the show tonight and, if things fall into place, my old high school pal will be coming tomorrow so the trip isn’t all work and no play.

We just took Paquita on a walk through the thickest, lushest grass and she is happier than a horny rooster in a hen house. And I just ate an Arby’s Roast Beef sandwich! Oh lord how I used to love those.

I haven’t eaten one in about 10 years. TEN!