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>Election Day 2004

>On this day in history, I was officially declared a student at NYU.

This story rules(via Drudge Report): 300 children bitten by ‘blood sucking’ monkeys at famous Indian temple

I voted. It’s always an overwhelming thrill for me when I’m making my way to the polls. I actually got that tight chest, I might cry kind of feeling. Is that weird or does everyone feel that way?

Along the lines of the JibJab political satire animations, comes this take on the Bohemian Rhapsody.

Everyone in my voting center was around 35 or younger and white. Interesting considering my neighborhood (Astoria) is always classified as the most ethnically diverse in all of NYC. It was organized but cramped with tables, so it was a clusterfu*k of people weaving in and out. If the lines get long there, it’s going to be miserable.

Remember what I said about today’s woman voting to honor those women who fought for our right to do so? Here is what Liz Smith had to say in her column today:

HERE’S MY message to women. For a while, I had on my desk an article about women being tortured and killed in prison. When I first looked at it, I thought it was about the horrors in Abu Ghraib. Actually, it described what had happened to suffragettes before, during and after 1900, as women sought the vote.

The piece was so revolting, I could hardly read it, and then I misplaced it. Today, I’m thinking of those tortured, sacrificed and denied women. We need to honor them and put our voting franchise to use.

“If not now, when?” asked the Jewish philosopher Hillel. When do we intend to become fully functioning in doing our civic duty? Women must ask whether they intend to continue to let well-off, white American males decide the country’s fate. Do we want only these men voting on our destiny?

Even if we don’t like either candidate, surely there is one candidate who has something you like better and with whom you can identify. Think about the ultimate fate of the Supreme Court and cast your vote for its direction. Vote today!


If someone told you you couldn’t vote, I bet you’d want to then!