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>Every Little Bit…

>UPDATE: Mark your calendars for September 14th at 8:00 PM at the Kraine Theater. Anthony DeVito and I are going to put together a show with all profits going to the Red Cross. Details are emerging. If you want to help work on the event, donate gifts, money, your time, anything, send me an email.

Waiting for Rescue
Having a fundraiser for Leukemia research seemed a little untimely yesterday, but it’s over now and I’m looking toward the Humane Society’s Disaster Animal Response Team (being deployed today to affected areas of Hurricane Katrina) for my next donation. Read their press release.

Page Six Score
Cindy Adams picked up my story in her column today. Here’s how she spun it:

A VIP screening of “The Thing About My Folks” at 42nd Street Loews. A young, hip urban kid spies young, hip urban New York comic Christian Finnegan, who’s done Dave Chappelle’s show. The kid is atwitter. Meanwhile, Peter Falk and Paul Reiser walk right by him into the theater, and this kid, all excited and beside himself at seeing Finnegan, whom much of civilization wouldn’t know if they were married to him, just stands there paying them absolutely no mind.

Not really fun to report with all the horrible news going on, but there it is.