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>Every two minutes a woman is raped in the Unites States. Why?

>I watched the HBO documentary Rape in a Small Town today. Florence Holway is an amazing woman who was violently raped at the age of 75. The county prosecutor struck a plea bargain with the rapist without her consultation or consent. Enraged, she fought the system and gave victims a voice in the prosecution of their assailants. In the end, however, she was failed. After twelve years her rapist will be free. What about her? What does she miss most since the rape occurred? “My teeth and my peace of mind.” Rapists roaming free will never get her the latter.

On January 2nd, the NY Post ran this story about 622 sex offenders left off of the NYS Sex Offender Registry due to a loophole. The original story featured mug shots and profiles of some of those 622. While it is bad that they didn’t register, after looking at their profiles I determined what is worse is that they are out free in the first place.

Many of them served less than three years! For a single rape, that is appalling. Add to that fact that these men were convicted of multiple rapes, many victims were children, and the rapists are classified as “Level 3 Sex Offenders” (highly likely to be a repeat offender) and that’s a crime right there.

A quick search of the registry revealed a man living a few streets down from me who served less than three years for the repeated rape of two boys aged five and eight.

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