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>Extreme Girliness & Picking on Christian

>Since we’re being all girly here talking about outfits and accessories, here’s a Neiman Marcus promo. So, if you need to replenish your cosmetic or fragrance supply, now’s the time. Based on comments & emails it seems like any outfit I choose will be fine. I just need to figure out what kind of hair day it’s going to be and go from there. I had fun with this, though! Thanks to everyone for voicing their opinions. I wish I had a stylist, or a valid reason for having a stylist. Until then, I hope y’all will play along again.

Christian’s reply to my email after discovering his hot dog dalliance: “Yeah, Bumbershoot was not so diet friendly. HOWEVER, it was a “Thai Lemongrass Chicken” hot dog, or something like that, and the sign made a point of it being lowfat. Also, I threw away half the bun. So there, woman!”

To reiterate Kirsten’s comment, what the fu*k kind of hot dog is that? Why not call it what it is? Silly Seattleites? Seattleans? Seattleonians?

So Christian has lost about 70 pounds by eating chicken dogs and no buns (sorry, no tricks just diet and exercise) and is looking good. How good? He’s gotten searches for his site with this phrase: Christian Finnegan Nude.

I’m not sure if I’m proud or skeeved or both.