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>Extreme Makeover – NOLA Animal Rescue Edition

>I’ve shared some fun news and some sad news about the animals my good friend Keith & I cared for in NoLA, but here’s some real good news.

The guy pictured here is a fellow that Keith & I both loved. Keith, especially. What sealed our love for him was that when he was sedated for a procedure he died due to an undetected heartworm condition only to be brought back to life and into our hearts. The name of the street on which he was rescued in New Orleans? “Hope Street.”

Keith tried to convince me to adopt him despite him being a heartworm positive, unneutered alpha male and Paquita being an unspayed alpha female. He tried to think of ways to make it work in his pet-free apartment building. I wanted to take him home but common sense prevailed. Heartworm treatment for dogs is dangerous and stressful. With Paquita around him, he would not get the isolation and R&R that heartworm treatment requires. So, we hoped for the best and Keith, bless his heart, sponsored “Jacques”, named so because of his *ahem* romantic tendancies. His foster home renamed him “Crawdaddy” much to our horror. His adopted family kindly changed it to “Dusty”.

And the good news? Dusty has recovered fully from heartworm and has gained weight and his hair has grown back in. Talk about an awesome before and after shot.

Here is how he looks now.

Read my journal here. It includes something about Jacques / Dusty, of course.