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>Fan Mail, of Sorts

>I just read an email from a woman in Austin, Texas commending all the folks that worked on getting the book Above Hallowed Ground published. As one of those folks, I was cc’d on her letter. I was surprised and touched by her words. She is going all out to recommend the book to her friends, family, colleagues, etc. to not only buy the book, but send the New York City Police Foundation, Inc. (the organization that receives all royalties earned), the difference in the cost she paid for the book and it’s original full cover price.

Some stranger, moved by the images she saw in a book, wrote the most beautiful thank you letter and is now promoting this book more than anyone. Wow. I guess I should do the same. Buy it online or at your local bookstore today. Or, if you ever have cause to buy anything with the NYPD or FDNY logos, don’t buy counterfeits. Buying licensed goods supports the Foundation and sends a big “F You” to the manufacturer of knockoffs.


Okay, I’m done preaching now. How about Tracey Gold!?