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>FDNY Humanitarian Awards

>Judy & I browsed the items available at the silent auction. Three FDNY calendar men lingered behind us eyeing some photographs. Judy began begging me to bid on a mounted fireman’s axe. “You’ve got to win this and have it mounted on your bedroom wall as your headboard!” One calendar man piped in, “You’ll give a man a heart attack if you put that in your bedroom.” I retorted, “I don’t need an axe to do that, believe me.” From then on out, I had a little swarm of FDNY uniformed mosquitos following me around.

Gospel of Jack 4:22
Recapping the events of last night’s FDNY dinner, Jack and I shared these words:

Jack: “You looked terrific, too, by the way.”
Me: “Thank you.”
Jack: “Even my wife kept saying ‘Kambri looks so glamorous,’ and ‘I didn’t know Kambri was so glamorous.’ I told her, ‘See what regular sex can do for you? You ought to try it some time.'”

He’s right. My skin never looked so good.