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>First Day Report

>I updated Christian’s Media Page to include scans of his last two FLIcK‘s pieces. He also posted a special item of bits cut by the editors of FLIcK.

I updated my Press Page to include the best/most recent additions. Although, I guess I should add the USA Today hit. Anyyyywayyyyy…

My new client is an amazing talent and nationally syndicated cartoonist Francesco (“Ces”) Marciuliano (Sally Forth, Medium Large, Drink at Ces has fabulous partners in his wife Carol Hartsell and former co-worker Jeff Jowdy. Collectively the three make up Rule of 3 Productions.

Rule of 3 has been accepted to this year’s New York International Fringe Festival with their original collection of four short comedies about serious job dissatisfaction. All four were written by Ces and are collectively known as This Isn’t Working. Jeff will serve as director and Carol as producer.

Each play focuses on people defined by their careers but still looking for meaning in their lives…or just an excuse to ditch it all for teaching. This Isn’t Working is about the ideas we don’t share in brainstorming sessions, the goals we don’t discuss in year-end reviews and the people we don’t ever want to see outside of the office.

Blurb from the Fringe:
For anyone who’s been told “Sick days are for the weak” comes “This Isn’t Working,” Rule of 3’s production of short comedies written by the nationally syndicated cartoonist behind “Sally Forth” and drawn from the merger between professional crisis and personal hell.

We hope to see you at their fundraiser tenatively scheduled for August 1st at Siberia and featuring live comedy, a band, raffle prizes and more.

The dates, times & location of the live performance of This Isn’t Working has yet to be scheduled by the Fringe. Once set, you’ll be the first to know, so check back soon. Meanwhile, enjoy this Medium Large comic (click on it to scan the archives).