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>Five Years and Counting

>It is five years ago today that Christian and I stole away for a date at Cafe Bar. Best move I ever made. We celebrated yesterday as today was too slammed with work and performing around town and such. So he flew home in the early hours, we slept in, and spent the day and night together reminiscing over the scrapbooks I created for us the first three years. I could only manage to find one list of goals we made in January of 2005 and, lo and behold, we have done everything including the –at the time– pie-in-the-sky goals of having a TV show deal (him) and a book proposal and agent (me).

Tonight I got home super late, installed my new schmancy printer and had fun reading through my blog entries from January 2003. The time we met and I was so bored at work that I was able to be more creative and funny on this here old blog and my old boss “Jack” kept me guessing:

Wrote a new chapter during a lovely solo lunch of Asian Chicken Salad at the new Vynl on 8th Ave. Might make it a habit.