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>From Christian Finnegan, comes this note:

>Beloved e-Friends,


Tickets are now available for the live taping of my very first comedy special, “AU CONTRAIRE!”. The two big friggin’ shows will take place on October 25th at the Trocadero Theater in glorious Philadelphia, PA.

It will be a glorious night of awkward personal revelations and hypocritical assaults on your character!

I’m going to lay it bare, folks–this will be the most important night of my comedy life and I want as many friendly faces there as possible. Don’t make me bus in a bunch of homeless people!

Some good news: These tapings will be completely free of charge. You hear that, cheapskates? FREE!!! Some more good news: If you attend a taping, there’s a very good chance your mug will appear on the tee-vee when Comedy Central airs “Au Contraire!” in early ’09. Think you can wait around to reserve your tickets? Au contraire!** Tickets are going to be extremely limited.

To reserve tickets, complete this online form. Make sure to fill in the “Promo Code” section with the word “Finny”. This will get you priority seating–it’s my way of rewarding you, my true inter-pals. And this way you can avoid rubbing shoulders with the filthy, teeming masses!

You. Me. A bunch of cameras. What could be more enticing?

I’ll see you October 25th, friendlies.

Christian Finnegan,
Ready for his close-up

**See what I did there? I artfully worked the title of the special into the body of the email. Pretty slick, huh? That’s what makes me part of the Comedy Elite.