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>From Sagawatha to Tincanatha, a Tale of Two Dwellings – an Illustrated (With Partially Nude Male Bum) Drama

>I kept telling everyone I was going to Sagawatha, CT. Turns out I was in lovely Fairfield, CT, and Sagawatha was the name of the host’s home. The home has a name. Excuse me, the huge, gorgeous summer home which literally has a sandy beach and the Atlantic Ocean as its backyard has a name. Their real home is in Palo Alto, CA. Much discussion led by Host’s Father centered around funding for this movie they just produced. Hundreds of thousands of dollars he invested and hundreds of thousands of dollars he raised, he being the charming older man, engaging genteel man, retired and intelligent and so very white man.

If we had the foresight to name our tin shed for when visitors came a calling, it might have been Tincanatha. Our movie would have have been a segment on Cops.

My father would keep everyone in rapt attention discussing his appeal, he being the incarcerated older man, deaf-mute and alcoholic man, “retired” and uneducated and so very white trash man.

The only thing in common were lots of empty cans of Coors. I see an advertisement opportunity here.

I couldn’t help but stare at Host, Host’s Father and Mother and their things — many, many lovely, expensive things — and wonder why they couldn’t fix that bathroom lock?