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>Full Metal Jacket

>I treated Keith (head of the Meow Mix House PR team that hired me) to a free showing of Full Metal Jacket at the AMMI. Afterwards we were treated to an excellent Q&A with Matthew Modine who is a really great interview. He never lacked for a great anecdote to pair along with his answers. He’s also very tall, aged well but I hated his new haircut…perhaps it’s for a part, but I never got to ask him. I’ve seen FMJ before and have watched many scenes of it over and over again throughout the years, but watching it in the theater start to finish was just as intense as the first time around nearly 20 years ago. I was moved to tears more than once and the brutality of some scenes is gut wrenching. It is also timeless, especially in light of the current events in Iraq. War sucks.

Afterwards we treated ourselves to a birthday feast (his is 6/9 and mine is 6/22) at L’il Bistro 33 before heading back to my place. We had hoped to make it on to my rooftop in time to watch the sun set while sipping on my gifted Dom Perginon. On the way home, I realized I lost my keys (so that’s what that loud clanky sound was when I moved seats during the movie!) but luckily Rachel has a spare set and saved the day. The Dom was great, the view was incredible, the weather superb…what a great night!

Thank God Rachel was home and answered her phone! Phew!