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>Fun Publicity Stuff

>My job has been super fun today. My boyfriend (fiance, I guess, really) / client Christian returned from some college gigs in Boston and we tried out a new local swanky place in our very own Astoria called Locale. It’s only open a month and is on 33rd St. & 34th Ave so there’s not much on the internets yet. Our waiter (hi Pablo!) just moved here from DC to become an actor and immediately recognized Christian from both Best Week Ever and Chappelle’s Show. That’s always nice, but him being new to the City and just starting out made it genuine and *special* (insert Church Lady voice).

Over dinner I told him about last night’s SNL and made him call our friend Bryan, a writer for the show, to grill him with questions. Who wrote this? What happened here? Can we come see Prince on the 4th? Please?!?!

Christian told me that after one of his shows some girls told him how I had sent them an autographed photo of Christian at their request as a gift for one of their 30th birthdays. They relayed our email exchanges and how I sent it right away to make sure it got there in time. Basically telling him how nice I was and what a great job I did. Warm and fuzzy, my belly was.

Then I checked out the Television Without Pity Forums for Best Week Ever, which I rarely visit because there’s not much activit. But after all the Clay Aiken buzz I got in the whole forums frenzy mood and saw all these really awesome posts about Christian.

Finally, while Christian was in the bathroom, I stood outside the door with my face super close to the door with a huge, Joker smile planted on my face ready to scare the living sh*t out of him when he emerged. But I blew it because while I stood there frozen and silent I could hear Christian rehearsing lines in a low whisper for an audition for a sitcom he has tomorrow. I nearly came unglued trying not to laugh / pee my pants so as not to spoil the surprise but he heard me and my scare attempt was ruined. =(

Clay Aiken fans are “Claymates”. Clever, right? So for Christian I came up with FinneFan. Whaddyathink? Eh? Eh? Christian’s response: “I think I need to have considerably more fans before I start naming them.”