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>Fun Times

>The lovely and talented Anya Garrett gave me a sneak preview of our recent photo shoot. She’s a magician with a camera. A camagician if you will. (Won’t you?) One of her photos is going to run in a magazine spread about me as a CODA (Child of Deaf Adults) that comes out Winter 2008. How fun!

Even more fun? I got a note from my favorite high school English teacher. She can’t wait to read my book, and I can’t wait to send her the galley. Sadly, her husband passed away some years ago. He was my history teacher and Whiz Quiz coach, and I know he’d be proud, too. (Yes, I was on Whiz Quiz and am proud of it!) Thankfully I’ll have an editor, so I won’t have Mrs. E reviewing my grammar again. Eek! She instilled fear in me. I so wanted to please her.

And almost as fun as all that, I’ve been called for jury duty. It was just over five years ago the last time I served and got booted off a jury due to my work in a law office. It was an intellectual property case of all things, and I had just worked with the FDNY and NYPD on all their IP issues after 9/11.

And then a quarter as fun as all that, I’ll be telling a story at SpeakEasy Stories tomorrow night at the Cornelia Street Cafe. But don’t come out just for me. On the bill is the esteemed James Braly, the lovely and hilarious Giulia Rozzi, and other amazing folks

Seriously, they’re hilarious and talented and will make me feel like sh*t about how great they are and how many more times I have to perform to become just a fraction of that awesomeness. (Please don’t read that sentence, Mrs. E.)